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Yo! Look what's coming August 8, 2023!

Yeah, we made another one.

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Why are we doing this? Because you're cheap. And there's nothing wrong with that! 

F.A.R.T.: Top Secret! No Kids Allowed!
SKU: 9781534436190

"A laugh out loud outrageous adventure with likeable characters and an engaging storyline. I loved the obstacles, the fast pace, and the unique skill set each character brought to the group."   -  Meagan Marie, Goodreads 

THE F.A.R.T. DIARIES is a comedy trilogy about a kid who uncovers an insanely powerful obedience manual written by Families Against Rotten Teens (F.A.R.T.) - a secret society of frustrated parents. This dive into subversive kid lit features a delicious peek inside the manual and the revolution it starts. Middle graders and up will read it for laughs. Parents will grab it for helpful hints. 
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