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"A laugh out loud outrageous adventure with likeable characters and an engaging storyline."
  -  Meagan Marie, Goodreads 

F.A.R.T. Attack!: Kids Strike Back
SKU: 978-1534451834

When one of the Only Onlys falls under F.A.R.T. control, Furious Popcorn has to save his friend—and the rest of the planet—from the diabolical Brain Modem, the next weapon to be unleashed by Families Against Rotten Teens (aka: F.A.R.T.).  This second book in this kooky, illustrated middle grade trilogy continues with  seat-of-your-pants action and slap-your-knees laughs.

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F.A.R.T.: Top Secret! No Kids Allowed!
SKU: 9781534436190

THE F.A.R.T. DIARIES is a comedy trilogy about a kid who uncovers an insanely powerful obedience manual written by Families Against Rotten Teens (F.A.R.T.) - a secret society of frustrated parents. This dive into subversive kid lit features a delicious peek inside the manual and the revolution it starts. Middle graders and up will read it for laughs. Parents will grab it for helpful hints. 
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